Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Quick And The Dead

Happy Tuesday, crime slicksters. It's time once again to take a trip to the dark side, where the girls are hot, the drinks are cold, and the hardboiled-pulp-noir action is non-stop, right here, at the coolest crime joint in cyberspace ... at That Killing Feeling.

In Chapter 15 of RIDGEWAY, Kayla tries to convince coworker Darleen Jackson to talk to the store owner Sula about how Vivi is ruining the shop now that she's in charge ...

Kayla stands behind the counter
with coworker DARLEEN JACKSON (50’s)
a plain, plump mountain hippie
in denim and tie-dye.

It’s dead.

It’s Tuesday.

I know -- but no
customers at all.

Have you looked outside?
It's dead out there.

Hundred degrees’ll do that.


I don’t know if I can make it
on twenty-eight hours.
At least you got thirty --
and you’ve got Vergie to help out.

Thank god.
Well, Vivi said the store
wasn’t doing so good.

That’s because Sula’s home
drinking all day and
can’t paint anymore,
Vivi’s enabling her
by running her errands --
and now she’s taken over
and is fucking up the shop.
Ordered all this cheap shit
that sells for peanuts,
and the way she’s
rearranged the windows,
it only brings in young kids
who don’t buy anything.
(off her look)
I see people with money walking by.
They don’t come in anymore.
don’t get me started
on the online store.
That’s the wave
of the future, Darleen.
Shopping malls are dying,
everybody’s shopping on
the internet these days,
and Vivi fucking killed it.
We were getting regular sales
from that.
I can’t decide if
she’s really that stupid,
or if she wants
the store to go under.

I can’t believe you
just said that.

Well, somebody’s got to.
It’s not Vivi’s shop,
it’s Sula’s.
(off her blank look)
I need your help.
Would you come with me
and talk to Sula about it?

Oh, gosh no.
couldn’t do that.
Vivi would kill me --

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