Monday, April 13, 2015

Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand

Hey there, crime kids. Happy Monday. It's time once again to take a trip to the dark side, where your most violent fantasies become sins of the flesh, right here, where the hardboiled action is non-stop, at the coolest crime joint in cyberspace ... at That Killing Feeling.

In Chapter 31 of SPIRAL, porn star Savannah, her sylist Dex and his best friend Andy reach day three of their drug and booze binge, and barely make it to the finish line ...

Super: "2:54 AM"

Over the action, cheerful female pop,
like early Madonna.

Andy, Shannon and Dex sit on their bar stools.
Shannon sits in the middle, topless.

Andy and Dex each cup one of her breasts
lightly with one hand.

Shannon looks at her reflection.

I thought they were gonna burst.

It's warm. I'm gonna throw up.

Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

C'mon, you guys. Get serious.

Andy lightly JIGGLES it.

What are we checking for? I'm no doctor.

Don't look at me, I'm allergic.

Super: "3:39 AM"

Andy and Dex sit on their bar stools.
Grinding, nasty industrial music SCREECHES.

Shannon BURSTS out of the closet.
She wears a black vinyl dominatrix outfit,
complete with Gestapo hat and riding crop.
She's completely fucked up.

Andy is taken aback.
He's never seen Shannon in costume.
He tries to hide his shock.

Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS...

Shannon SMACKS the crop on the toilet seat
with a CRACK. Dex giggles.

No laughing! Did I give you permission to laugh,
you little piece of SHIT!?

Please Mistress, don't hurt me!

That's for me to decide.
Your mistress thinks you've been VERY
bad little boys, doing drugs, staying up all night.

But I...

Shut UP!

She CRACKS the riding crop again.

SHANNON (cont'd)
Don't speak until you're spoken to,
you snivelling little faggot!

Shannon goes to the counter, does a line.
Andy is blown away. Even Dex is a little scared.
She takes a sip of her drink, points to the floor.

SHANNON (cont'd)
Alright you two, get up and bend over,
it's time for your punishment!

SUPER - Day Three. 5 PM.

It's Sunday, dusk. Shannon, Andy and Dex
sit on the bed in a little circle, drinks in hand.
Shannon chews the ends of her hair.

They've just awakened from four hours
of zombie-like, pill-induced sleep.
Speed stays in the bloodstream for days and days.

Over the action, a female driven power ballad
plays softly on the stereo.

Shannon is crying, a box of tissues in hand.

I mean, who would want me?
These huge fucking tits...I fuck for a living...
I'm practically a whore...any loser can buy a
five dollar tape and watch me fucking.

She blows her nose with a HONK.

SHANNON (cont'd)
I'm not the kind of girl you
can take home to meet your parents.

Andy does a line, hands the mirror to Shannon.

Lots of people love you,
Shannon, Slash, Marky, Andyey, Jason.

Shannon does a line. Takes a sip of her drink.

None of them really loved me,
they all just wanted to fuck me.

Dex takes the mirror, does a line.

I love you, you know I love you.

You know we love you.

I know, but I want, I want more.
All I ever wanted when I was a little girl
was a nice little house with a white picket fence,
a nice husband, a couple of kids.
I'll never have that now --

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