Friday, July 9, 2010

Get The Fuck Out Of Dodge

Happy Friday, crime-busters! It's time once again to crawl into the belly of the beast. Time to take a trip to the dark side, where your most hardboiled fantasies come to life ... and bleed. You know you want it, so get your tight little asses over to the coolest crime joint in cyberspace ... right here, at That Killing Feeling.

In Chapter 19 of THE HEISTERS, we flash back to the completion of the stadium rock concert heist, where Kelsey and the gang successfully escape with dough, and go their separate ways. At least for a little while ... because little do they know, the shit is about to hit the fan ...

The ambulance pulls up next the building and stops.

Even though the employee parking lot was jam-packed,
we knew an ambulance could get away with parking anywhere.
And that everyone would be on
the other side of the building watching the concert.
We were nearing the finish line,
and now it was time to get the fuck out of Dodge.

Chick and Ronan finish tying up
the employees who counted the money.
Chick then leads them in the back to join the others.

Kelsey ties a rope to the handles of the duffle bags.
Drags them over to the window.
Then ties the other end to the leg of a desk.
Ronan helps her carry them over to the window.

The bags come out the window,
then down the side of the building
to where Kasper is waiting for them.

Kasper takes the cases and
puts them in the trunk of the Triumph Spider
nestled inside the ambulance.

Then, one by one, Kelsey, Ronan, then Chick,
and finally Ludo come down the rope and walk up to the vehicle.

Ludo, still in his guard uniform,
gets in the passenger side next to Kasper.

Ronan and Kelsey squeeze behind the back
of the seat and the Triumph, and Chick gets into the car.

Our timing was perfect.
The headliners were
just starting their first encore,
and the roar of the guitars
would mostly drown out the siren.

Kasper starts up the ambulance,
HITS THE SIREN and starts driving it toward the stage.

Now that were in the stadium,
we didn’t have to leave
the same way we came in.
We could exit through the west gate,
which had been closed
to vehicles during the concert,
but was now open so the bands could leave --

The ambulance ROCKETS toward the west gate, then slows.
A limousine starts cruising through at the same time.

It sees them, and SPEEDS through.
The ambulance follows.

The ambulance ROARS down the street.
Gets to the first intersection.

The siren STOPS.
Drives past the next corner,
then pulls over and parks.

Ludo jumps out. Opens the rear doors.
Chick gets out, and the two of them adjust the ramp-boards.

Kelsey sits behind the wheel,
and slowly backs the Triumph out of the ambulance.

We were on a side street
with no traffic and no pedestrians,
but it didn’t matter if we were seen or not --
both of these vehicles were disposable.

Ludo and Chick get back in,
and Kasper drives off.

The ambulance pulls up to an abandoned warehouse.
Stops. Ronan, Ludo and Chick get out,
and head over to the Mercedes,
which we see is parked behind the big panel truck.

Jefty had already driven the Benz out of the truck
and had it waiting for Ronan and the other guys.

Ronan opens the door.
Gets behind the wheel.

Ludo and Chick pile in,
and they drive off.

We were home free.
Ronan would drive Chick and Ludo
to the motel they were going to hole up at,
and then ditch the car
near where he was going to stay.
It ran like clockwork,
if I say so myself.
If you plan the job carefully,
there’s a minimum of risk.
The only variable of course is who you work with.
Which is why I chose
who I work with VERY carefully.

Jefty opens the back of the truck.
Kelsey comes over and helps him
adjust the board-ramps,
then drives the Triumph into the truck.

Jefty closes the doors and gets back in.
He starts the engine.

Pulls the truck out,
does a U-turn and heads back toward the stadium.

Kelsey sits behind the wheel of the Triumph.
Lights a cigarette. Leans back. Thinking.
Exhales a cloud of smoke.

The crowning touch was driving the truck
back in the direction of the stadium.
Of course, the cops would be looking for the ambulance,
but it didn’t hurt to be travelling
in the opposite direction
the heisters would theoretically be going.

The truck drives down the street.
A phalanx of SQUAD CARS
come ROARING toward them,

And now for the next week or so,
the dough was my in my care.
The plan was fool-proof,
and it went off without a hitch.
No one got hurt,
and we were flush a boatload of cash.
Now we just had to wait.
But this was no time to relax.
Even though I was due a little R&R,
I had to keep my wits about me,
because I’ve learned the hard way
on other jobs that sometimes
the shit hits the fan when you least expect it --
And little did I know,
pretty soon my time would be up.


  1. Hmmm... almost perfect execution... so, what could possibly go wrong? Hmmm... curious about that limo... somebody keeping tabs on out intrepid crew?

    Kelsey... Kelsey... Kelsey... alas girl, there is no such thing as "fool-proof", is there? So, who's the turncoat? Hmmm...:\

    Oh no!!! Friday's episode... now I have to wait a whole weekend!!! :-0 lol!! That's okay... I got another Parker to fill in... I just finished Robert B Parker's Small Vices and and getting into Hush Money... I'm gonna have to make another trip to the bookstore soon...

    Have an awesome weekend, Carole! <3

  2. Thanks, doll.

    Methinks you might be shocked by the big surprise found today, in chapter 20 ...