Monday, January 30, 2017

The Crowning Touch

Hey there, crime kids. Happy Monday. It's time once again to take a trip to the dark side, where your most violent fantasies become sins of the flesh, right here, where the hardboiled action is non-stop, at the coolest crime joint in cyberspace ... at That Killing Feeling.

In Chapter 38 of THE HEISTERS, Kelsey and the gang escape the stadium with the cash in their tricked-out ambulance ... just as the cops arrive ...

The ambulance ROARS down the street.
Gets to the first intersection.

The siren STOPS. Drives past the
next corner, then pulls over and parks.

Ludo jumps out.
Opens the rear doors.

Chick gets out, and the two
of them adjust the ramp-boards.

Kelsey sits behind the wheel,
and slowly backs the Triumph
out of the ambulance.

Ludo and Chick get back in,
and Kasper drives off.

The ambulance pulls up
to an abandoned warehouse. Stops.

Ronan, Ludo and Chick get out,
and head over to the Mercedes,
which we see is parked
behind the big panel truck.

Ronan opens the door.
Gets behind the wheel.

Ludo and Chick pile in,
and they drive off.

We were home free.
Ronan would drive Chick and Ludo
to the motel they were
going to hole up at,
and then ditch the car near
where he was going to stay.

Jefty opens the back of the truck.
Kelsey comes over and helps him
adjust the board-ramps, then
drives the Triumph into the truck.

Jefty closes the doors
and gets back in.

He starts the engine.
Pulls the truck out, does a U-turn
and heads back toward the stadium.

A phalanx of SQUAD CARS
come ROARING toward them,

The crowning touch was driving
the truck back in the
direction of the stadium --
travelling in the opposite direction
the heisters would theoretically be going.

Kelsey sits behind
the wheel of the Triumph.

Lights a cigarette. Leans back.
Thinking. Exhales a cloud of smoke.

Takes off her wig.
Rubs her scalp.

And now for the next week or so,
the dough was my in my care.

The job was successful.
No one got hurt, and we were
flush with a boatload of cash.
But this was no time to relax.
Even though I was due a little R&R,
I had to keep my wits about me,
because some serious shit
was about to go down.

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